When it comes to hairstyle trends, each season brings new trends and fresh ways to color and highlight your hair.

Switching up hair color, however, is a serious decision to make.

Many people do it to make a personal change that reflects their current situation, some do it for fun, and then some just like to experiment. It is still a commitment to your hair and needs some thought to go into it.

We see annual hair color trends that most people opt for are typically based on the previous year’s remnants.

While 2020’s biggest color trends were all about natural, super-low-maintenance color, experts predict 2021 is going to be all about having fun.

We are sharing the top four expert-approved color trends that we expect to see throughout this year. They will help you with the thought process to make a stunning hair decision for yourself.

1. Simple & Playful Pastel Balayage!

If you’re looking to make things fun without committing to full bleach, a pastel balayage is your choice for this year.

This balayage’s foundation would be a blond with a light end to make the pastel tones shine through. Though, if your previous highlights are caramel-tined, you would need to opt for vivid hues for them to show.

Pastels are always a safe option, and they look stunning. You don’t have to commit to the full bleach deal for a light head of hair.

2. Brighten it Up with Money Piece!

If you’re looking to brighten things up, then the money piece is your choice this year.

This hair color trend beautifully frames your face with a light highlight from root to tip. When you opt for the money piece, you hit a double jackpot, a beautiful soft color that gives your face the instant lift and style.

It is also one of the most popular color styles in salons, making it an excellent color style this year. All in all, you get a stress-free makeover that ensures you’re always in style.

3. Going Bold with Chunky Highlights!

If you’re looking to relive an era, revive the nostalgic chunky highlights as they make a comeback in 2021.

The choice is between bold primary colors and natural colors that suit your hair. You can decide what vibe you’re going for to best frame your face. The 1-2 inches wide highlights are in stark contrast with your natural hair, making them stand out from afar.

4. Keeping it Beachy with Sand Tropez!

If you’re looking to keep the beach-vibe alive year-round, considering how things are still uncertain, then Sand Tropez is the choice for you. You may also come across this color trend as Winter Bronde. You get to decide which vibe you’re going for, beachy or wintery.

In the end, you get a beautiful mix of ash and gold that makes your hair look stunning. Things may be opening up again, but the restrictions remain. It is better to bring the beach home rather than going to it.