When you have so many style icons such as Sandra Bullock, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Jenna Dewan sporting short hair, you know the wind will catch you too. Short hair is stylish, easy to manage, and adds volume to your hair. Overall, we can say short hair solves many hair problems.

Short hair is here to stay in fashion for a long time. If you’re still contemplating chopping off your long locks, this is the blog to inspire you to make the change.

1. Cicely Tyson and Her Short Bob

The stunning fashion icon we lost recently was last seen rocking the low maintenance short bob look like the most stylish hairstyle on the planet. The short bob sits right at your chin. It beautifully frames your face to highlight all the stunning features. The best part is, you could have any hair type or texture and still rock the look by making it your own.

Whether you want to part it down from the middle or on the side, you can achieve a well-styled look in a few minutes. You don’t have to put in hours in straightening or blow-drying it. A little styling goes all the way.

2. Margot Robbie and Her Subtle Flip

The sixties were something. They were simple, stylish, and evergreen. One of the most famous short hairstyles that era gave us was the flipped-out dos. We can see the modern-day style icon Margot Robbie owning it by mixing in with the everyday bob cut.

All you need to do is blow-dry the stands properly, then run a flat iron through them while flipping it out towards the end. A few flips, and you’re good to go.

3. Lucy Boynton and Her French Bob

The French always know what they’re doing. The recent craze of Emily in Paris had us all swooning for a French chef such as Gabriel. Well, Lucy Boynton and her stylish French bob have us swooning for a low-maintenance short haircut that looks stunning.

The blunt cut bob finishing up beautifully at the lip-length has us wanting to at least get as close to the French style as possible. It really brings the focus to your lips and accents the jawline making it look sharper.

4. Cameron Diaz and Her Bob with the Side-Swept Bangs

You know you can always count on Cameron to add the extra magic to anything she comes close to. Plus, when you have a luscious head of hair such as hers, you sporting a bob with side-swept bands is definitely not a problem. The hairstyle adds volume and thickness to your hair. You need to give your bangs a twist with the curling iron, and you’re good to go.

Which style inspires you to take the final decision and chop off those long locks for a stylish bob? Don’t forget to trust a professional and experienced hairstylist because you don’t want to mess this up and regret it later!