Owning and advertising a small business seems to get more difficult every day. Creative and innovative solutions aren't just a nicety any more - they're a requirement for success. Here's some ideas on how to make your hair styling business stand out among the crowd.

Separate Yourself from the Competition

This seems like a bit of a given, but it's one of the most important things you can do. Make sure customers have a solid reason to choose your services or products over your competitors. Whether it's style and quality or something more clear cut like a variety of options or your prices, you need obvious differences between you and the salon next door, and even the one across town.

Separating Yourself from the Competition
Separating Yourself from the Competition


Join a networking group! There are lots of local groups all over that exist for this exact purpose. One group might have members who range in occupation from Certified Public Accountant to Florist. Each member has their own unique set of clients that they wouldn't be worried about passing around - a wedding planner isn't going to be concerned about losing business to a hair stylist. It'd be good to talk to individual businesses that compliments yours as well; maybe a local makeup store or other beauty-focused business that doesn't directly compete with you. Cross-Promotion like this can be mutually beneficial. Whether you hold events and promotions together or just hand out each others' business cards, any new eyes are good ones!

Speaking of Promotions...

Sales are a great way to get new feet walking through your doors! People may stop in who usually support a competitor, or they may not usually go to a hair stylist at all, letting a family member do it. Promotions can bring in all sorts of new customers, and they can be even more effective when used in tandem with another business or even some members of your new networking group!


Reward your customers (and friends!) for bringing people into your shop! Many businesses have referral programs. You can make yours work any way you want - reward customers per person they bring with them, let your new customers write down the name of who referred them, have events where groups are encouraged. As long as there's a reason for your customers to participate, be it gift cards for your business or another, or anything else, your clients will be more than happy to take part!

Social Media

Whether you decide to tackle it yourself or hire an extra hand, social media is a clear must in today's advertising world. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even newer platforms like Vero are all great options. The more of your business is out in the world for people to see, the better! Be sure to post as often, but as predictably as possible. At least once a day would be optimal. Keep your audience engaged, and they'll keep coming back!

Follow Trends

What better way to get people into your styling studio than to offer the latest trends? Always try new things and keep improving! Stay up to date on what's in vogue, and you'll always have customers - everyone wants to be on top of the latest styles.

There's always more ways to get your business out! Never stop thinking of fun ways to advertise and meet new people. You're different from the rest - now make sure everyone knows!