Social media is one of the most important aspects of a successful company. In 2019 it was discovered that 79% of the US population has an active social networking profile, making these sites an invaluable component to your hair stylist marketing plan. The good news is, hair salons are at a huge advantage! Users all around the world are obsessed with hairstyles, transformations, and inspiration. Here are some social media post ideas to market your salon.

Transformation Pictures and/or Videos

Before and after shots are all the rage on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. From weight loss to makeovers, everyone loves to see what kinds of changes are possible. Hair salons offer some of the best transformation pictures, so make sure you are showing off your work! If a client grants permission, take either before/after or periodic videos to show the process. When sped up, these videos are addicting to watch, allow users to be mesmerized, and they'll see what skills you possess!

Social Media Exclusive Promotions

One of the best ways to get new/returning clients through your doors will always be promotions. If you create posts with exclusive, limited time offers they will certainly prove beneficial. Whether it is reposting a photo for 15% off or "follow" for a free blowout, these offers generate growth and vital interaction. Another great promotional method is by offering a discount or freebie if a client posts their new hairstyle with credits to you!


We are living in an inspirational quote world, and it is your duty to follow suit! Most people love text posts of a quote or feel-good phrase, it adds a nice divide between the selfies and can be something meaningful to ponder on. You can stick to hair related quotes or more general ones, but make sure they are aesthetically pleasing and pretty to look at!

Use inspirational quotes to market your hairstylist services
Use inspirational quotes to market your hairstylist services

Be Personable

While this may seem counterintuitive, it is also important to make posts beyond just hairstyles and products. Having a persona and adding a story beyond the account is a really good way to make real connections with your clients and establish a strong sense of loyalty. You don’t want to make your salon account too personal or overshare, but a little bit of a story time is always welcomed!

Utilize Hashtags and Location

On all posts in general, hashtags and locations filters can be your best friends. Location is important for people looking for salons near them as well as linking to the website and phone number, while hashtags are best for getting your posts out there. You can use general hashtags such as #salon and #hairspo, or you can make hashtags for your own salon to communicate with clients through!

Be Interactive

Being interactive on social media is an absolute must. You are going to have to respond to comments, like your clients’ transformation pictures, re-share celebrity hair inspiration, and utilize the 24-hour disappearing story features. Posting and exiting the app will not be enough, consistent presence is key!

It’s 2020, there is no escaping social media as a hair stylist. Utilizing the many different platforms will open up a world of new clients and real connections! Discover which kinds of posts do best on which site and use that to your advantage. These platforms are all there to help you spread your work and up your game, so make sure to set aside a period of the day to do social media upkeep and have fun with it!