Owning a salon or providing independent hair stylist services today requires more than simply receiving business via word-of-mouth. Without an online presence and a working social media marketing plan, maximizing your online reach, gaining exposure, and solidifying your brand's image becomes increasingly difficult, if not next to impossible. Incorporating a relevant and suitable social media marketing plan for your salon can help you to better define your brand as you garner a following and establish yourself both locally and online.

Consider Your Message, Mission, and Objectives

Before getting started with a social media marketing plan, consider the goals you have in mind for your salon, who you intend to reach, as well as any objectives and missions you intend to incorporate into your business model. If your salon gives back to a cause or focuses on serving specific groups of individuals based on their needs, consider implementing this message into your mission statement and branding material.

Create an Effective Social Media Marketing Plan for Your hair Stylist Services
Create an Effective Social Media Marketing Plan for Your hair Stylist Services

Create a Brand Image

Create a logo and brand image that reflects your company goals as well as how you wish others to perceive you. Familiarize yourself with basic color psychology, and research brands and salons similar to your own to seek out inspiration. Consider the demographics of the users you want to reach to find a brand logo and image that is most fitting for your salon.

Establish Yourself Using Multiple Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms provide the ability to reach thousands, if not millions of users with the use of advertisements as well as with viral posts and exposure. Register your salon a social media account across multiple platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Pinterest depending on the type of customers you plan to appeal to and attract online. Use the same username, logo, brand messaging, and contact information across all social media platforms to present your salon professionally and to avoid confusing users who are not available on all social media platforms.

Use High-Quality Logos and Imagery

Always use high-quality logos and imagery when promoting your salon's logo, brand imagery, or even when sharing articles and content you have created. Avoid using photos and graphics that appear outdated, blurry, grainy, or even too small for users to view properly with high-quality results. If you want to establish your salon as a professional provider both locally and online, it is imperative to present all of your products, services, and content as professional to be taken seriously.

Consistency is Key for Any Salon Owner or hair Stylist

Updating your social media platforms consistently and often is extremely important as the owner of a salon and as a brand manager. Due to the tricky and unpredictable nature of social media algorithms, users who do not post consistently run the risk of missing out on potential exposure or appearing within the newsfeeds of their followers. Create a regular posting and update schedule to provide fresh updates to your visitors each day and to keep them coming back for more.

Offer Fresh, Unique, and Engaging Content

Offer unique content that provides tips, tricks, and useful hints to followers of yours who are interested in beauty tutorials or guides. Providing unique and fresh content on your website, social media pages, or blog can help with establishing your salon's brand while garnering new followers and piquing the interest of prospective clients.

Choosing to develop your social media marketing plan for your salon can help you to stand out from the competition while establishing a reputation and a brand across the globe. Whether you own a small brick and mortar salon or you intend on expanding a current salon nationally or even internationally, a social media marketing plan is a must for anyone who is striving to make it in the beauty industry.