Being a new stylist in the cosmetology and hair care industry can be difficult. It can be difficult to get clients, maintain customer relations, and make a name for yourself. Thankfully, there are many online tools that can be utilized in order to promote yourself.

Creating an online profile on social media is one of the most prolific things hair stylists can do for themselves and their businesses. These online hairstylist profiles can draw new clientele in and encourage interested individuals in contacting you. Continue reading below to learn steps that you can utilize to create a great and enticing online profile to get more clients.

Creating an Effective Online Hairstylist Profile
Creating an Effective Online Hairstylist Profile

1. Create Business Profiles and Build Online Clientele

You should create a stylist business profile on all social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and more. These business profiles will draw clients to you as they will provide a place for clients to learn more about you and the services you offer. You can also connect with interested individuals and new clients through social media to answer questions or schedule appointments. You can post example photos, hair styling memes, quotes, articles and other items that are professional in standard and will attract a large number of clients.

2. List Your Business Profiles on Business Card and Other Marketing Materials

Make your business card new and exciting. Let it represent you, your business and your personality. Use websites such as Pinterest to get ideas and ensure it lists the essentials. The essentials can include your name, your contact information for scheduling purposes, email addresses, the location of your business and all of your social media account profiles. Be sure you add that these social media accounts will have examples of your work and abilities to contact you to learn more information or schedule appointments.

Before & After Stylist Photos
Before & After Stylist Photos

3. Take Before and After Photos and Post Them to Your Profiles if You Have Permission

Posting example photos of your work is one of the best ways to attract clients to your business. If your current clients give you permission, post before and after photos to really showcase how great your work is. It can also make potential clients and current clients feel like you value and appreciate them if you post a personal comment about that client with the picture. This will, in the long run, also assist you in connecting with potential clients.

4. Build Relationships with the Connections You Develop on Your Business Profiles

Make sure you reply to all comments, messages or posts you receive on social media. This will make you seem authentic and will make potential clients feel valued and invested in. Thank your clients or other businesses if they post information about you to build networking and continue developing relationships. Contact contacts and clients on social media about scheduling new appointments in a casual way, especially if they did not reschedule or cancelled appointments. Always think of how you would feel if a stylist connected with you on this same level.

Social media is a great way to connect with current clientele and potential clientele. It will greatly assist you in building your customer space. Ensure you develop these social media relationships through your professional profiles. Use all social media profiles you are comfortable enough with to develop the best relationships and connections with clients.