If you are a hairstylist, you should check out this list. Here for your are four specific hair stylist marketing ideas you can use. Whether you use one or more of these tips, you can reach more people and grow your business.

1. Runway Shows

You don't have to be in Hollywood or NYC to showcase the stylish looks your clients receive. You can have a runway show at your salon or off-site. You could partner with a local clothing retailer to show off how your looks work with everyday and formal situations. Consider contacting your mall and other businesses in your community with this idea.

Once you have all of your details set, you need to alert the media. Reach out to your local media contacts, and you can reach out to online bloggers and influencers, too. See who you can get to cover your event. And push your media coverage out into the community. Share the coverage with customers, your family, your friends, and your entire network.

2. Earned Media

Speaking of the media, you should think about earned media. It's a tried and true marketing strategy that can yield immediate and long-term benefits for you. And even better, you do not have to spend any money to make it work. All you have to do is know the basics of earned media.

You need to be able to reach press contacts. You want to sell them on why they should cover your salon. And you might utilize something like a press release. There media coverage of your services could be for something like the aforementioned runway show. You could utilize it for media coverage at other times, too. Whether you want to position yourself as an industry expert or highlight giving back to the community, you should take advantage of earned media.

3. Online Videos

There are so many different video ideas you can incorporate into your marketing campaign. You can video something like your runway show, hair care tutorials, and meet and greets with your staff if you have one.

Make sure you share your videos with Facebook users. Share them with Instagram users. But remember Instagram videos are limited to 60 seconds. You also can share short videos through Snapchat and Twitter. And don't forget to utilize something like YouTube to reach more people, too.

4. Maximize Your Network

You have two types of networks to think about when it comes to your advertising and marketing efforts. Those are your technology and personal networks. Be certain your technology network is integrated. This means your social media and website must be integrated. And all of your electronic communications need to reference both. Your tech products must be integrated, too. Tech products your salon might use are business landlines, smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops.

Network to Branch Out

And when it comes to your personal network, be sure you are taking every advantage of word of mouth marketing opportunities. You and any employees you have should always be networking. Your local chamber of commerce can help you identify opportunities. Your high school, college, or trade school also can help you.

Ideas that Will Work

You just learned about four ways to market your stylists services. One or more of these ideas is sure to work for your business. Bookmark this page. You can share it, too. You might have others who would love to see it.