When you're a hair stylist, you have the incredible opportunity to build your own business. Even though you might rent a chair in a salon, it's your responsibility to build your brand, get people into your chair, and keep them coming back. Since you are your own brand, it's important to act like it and to manage your stylist clients effectively. This takes self-discipline, self-awareness and a commitment to growth. Consider the following ways you'll want to work on managing yourself so that you can drive more business into your chair.

1. Constantly cultivate your craft.
Constantly work on new ways to improve. Learn new methods that are trending. If you braid hair, learn how to do knotless braids, faux locs and goddess locs. Take classes from other professionals so that you're constantly learning and staying on top of the trends. However, it's still important to develop your own unique flair. This will help you to stand out from those who are in your field.

2. Maintain a daily marketing strategy.
If your business isn't getting in front of new eyes on a daily basis, you're shooting yourself in the foot. As a hairstylist, one of the easiest strategies to use a social media campaign. Whether you choose to use Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, create daily content that showcases your talent. Use paid advertising methods to get your business in front of new potential people. You can opt to pay a social media manager to take care of the process. If you're already savvy with social media, create your own content, place it in a scheduling system and automate the publishing process for the times when your followers are online the most.

Hairstylist Marketing Online
Manage Your Marketing Strategy and Clients

3. Touch base with previous clients while gaining referrals.
Though it might seem like a taxing task, it's always wise to remain in touch with your former clients. The key is to develop a system of automation, so it doesn't feel haphazard. Schedule your check-ins. When you get a new client, add them to your email list. Personalize your emails so that each client feels like they're getting an email straight from you. Don't underestimate the power of a simple text message to one client in the morning, and another client in the evening. Create a referral program that rewards clients for sharing your business with other people they know. For every person they drive your chair, they can get a 10% discount on their services.

4. Prioritize self-care.
While it might not seem like an important part of your career, self-care is essential. Think about how much better a haircut turns out when you're working with sharp blades. Self-care is all about sharpening yourself. When you take the time to go to the gym, consume lots of water and take a day off each week, you'll only get better with time. No one is invincible. You never want to "grind" without an end in sight. Take care of your mental health by visiting a therapist on a regular basis. Even if it's just a check-in that happens once a month, stay on top of your mental health as depression and anxiety continue to plague millions. When you can take care of your mind, body and spirit, you'll be a better business owner that can show up as the best version of yourself.

As you cultivate a process that works for you, track your progress. Take extensive notes. Even something as simple as creating better office hours will help you to figure out a system that works for you. While it's great to take suggestions and notes, don't rely on the opinions of others in order to figure out what works for your career. You know yourself better than anyone else. When you know yourself well, you can manage yourself even better.