Creating a strong brand identity is vital in your attempts to stand alone as the best option for clients. This process also takes a lot of creative work and critical thinking. You’re not going to develop a brand identity in one day. It’s a process you must commit to over time.

The objective in building your brand is cultivating an image in the minds of clients that makes them feel comfortable about your salon. Basically, you want them feeling warm and fuzzy about going to your location.

What is a Brand?

Your brand is much more than your signage or business card logo. It’s the promise you make to prospects and clients. A brand is the way to identify what makes your services different from competitor services. It’s the image you project in your attempts at developing loyalty from clients.

You can also think of your brand as your salon’s personality. It’s the mental image you want to create in each client’s mind. All of this ends up driving sales and is an excellent marketing tool after you get it right. Here are the steps to take in order to create your own brand identity.

Stand Out from the Crowd

You need to sit down and ask what makes your business unique from competitors. The first step is to research competitors to fully understand what makes them strong. Then, ask yourself how you can differentiate your salon from all the rest.

The next part of the process is looking at your strengths so you can combine them and create your uniqueness. Here are some ideas:

  • Do you or your staff have skills that are unique to all other competitors
  • Have you been in business longer than your competitors
  • Does your salon offer the friendliest and warmest atmosphere
  • Have you hired the best stylists who also have excellent personalities

Put all your ideas on paper and study them. Figure out your uniqueness. Sell your staff on why this uniqueness makes your salon the best choice for clients. Make sure all staff members create that experience for each client, so clients tell others about it.

Use Strong Visuals

Visual recognition is a big part of branding. People remember what they see longer than what they hear or read. Create a logo that represents the uniqueness of your brand. The logo isn’t the brand, but it anchors in the imagery that helps project why clients love coming to your salon. Use your logo on:

  • Letterheads
  • Signage
  • Business cards
  • Envelopes
  • Website
  • Social media platforms
  • Brochures

Use Emotions

While you need to develop the rational reasons for why clients should do business with you, don’t forget the power of emotion. Create an emotional attachment to your brand. People use logic only to a certain extent when making buying decisions. They usually make their final decisions on who to give their money to based on their emotional attachment to a business.

Marketing consistency in brand marketing
Consistency in Marketing Your Services to Create a Strong Brand

Use Repetition

Marketing professionals often say that people need to see your brand messaging six times or more before remembering your logo, brand experience and ultimately getting attached to your salon. Use repetition in your marketing by using the visual elements of your business inside the salon, in email communications, on brochures, etc.

Live Up to Your Promise

Your brand identity will help drive business and keep happy clients only to the extent that you live up to the promise of the branding. Make sure every client loves the experience when dealing with you and your stylists. Doing so will ensure a profitable business for a long time to come.