How you market and manage your hair styling business is significant in determining the future of the venture. When running a salon, these factors greatly influence a client’s perception of your business and will determine whether or not they would agree to schedule an appointment. This said, marketing should be one of the first focus points to plan on when running a salon. It is a continuous process that requires creativity and innovation to provide the best results. Let’s take a look at tips that will help you better market and manage your salon.

Create an attractive website

To be competitive in the beauty industry, you need to embrace technology. Technology has revolutionized every sector in business and has facilitated easier access to the market. An attractively designed website for hair stylists is an essential factor to consider when running a Salon. It helps in both the marketing and management of your business. Since everyone nowadays searches for everything on the internet, it would be a great way to monitor market trends and capture clients. One of the main advantages of having a website is customers can book appointments online.

You would want your website to be simple for anyone to understand and, at the same time, attractive enough to deliver results. Make your contacts and location easily noticeable, and the share button as large as possible. It would work best for your business if customers could easily schedule an appointment online or share the service with their friends. The main factors to consider include; Product page, Staff page, About Us page, Bogs, and information on your contacts, address & social media accounts.

Have a loyalty program

Getting people to become regular clients is more complicated than acquiring new customers. This is the primary reason why a loyalty program might be a good idea for your salon. Once the clients you have are comfortable, it would be easy for you to look for a broader market. A loyalty reward system may involve getting points for each visit. It is up to you, however, to determine how many visits deserve a reward. Rewards could be anything that would motivate your customers, from giving discounts on the next visit or handing out cash rewards. You should ensure that the rewards are beneficial for both the client and the business.

Hair stylist Creating a Connection with Client
Creating a Connection with Clients will bring them back

Create a connection with your clients

Creating a real connection with your client is essential in determining the stability and growth of your salon. One of the best ways to achieve this is by sending out cards through direct mail during special events. It could be a client’s birthday, anniversary, or even a thank you card. While digital strategies like online marketing can help you reach a more extensive customer base, they may not have that personal impact as physical messages do. Your client will be associated with your business on a personal level if there are items around their homes that remind them of the business . Direct mail marketing facilitates word of mouth marketing, where clients refer other people to your business.


Business requires you to understand how best to sell your products or services and how to maintain and increase your customer base. One of the essential parts of running a salon is knowing how well your plans serve you. If your marketing and management strategies do not improve your business, then they are a complete waste of time. Make sure that you know your numbers and that you refer to your business reports when evaluating the growth of your business. They give an in-depth analysis of how much you have made form your promotion strategies.