One of the biggest and most important goals for any salon is to maintain high client retention. It's simple, the more clients you are able to acquire and keep the better your salon will do in revenue each month. Although finding new customers is just fine, the fact is that those who become regulars are the ones that will provide you with the most value. So, how can you make sure that you are not losing your walk-ins? The following includes a few tips regarding walk-in clients; what to do, what not to do, and how to build stylist loyalty.

The Initial Client Experience

Most clients are already coming in hesitant, after all, wouldn't you be if this was the first time you were entrusting a strange to cut your hair? The goal here is to present them with a pleasant and professional environment. Listen to their concerns or wants and assure them that you are listening. This first and rather quick interaction with your client can lead them to book a second appointment with you or, on the other hand, choose to never come back. To go into detail a little more, here are some things you can do to win your client over. The most effective thing you can do is make them feel remembered. This should include remembering their preferred style or even their preferred conditioner. Make an effort to get to them. Ask about other issues they may like to address, such as skincare or what led them to come to your salon in the first place.

Create a Quality Environment to Retain Your Customers

Rewards Programs

One of the most common methods being used by salons to retain clients is by offering them discounts on certain packages or products. Although you might feel like you're providing value and appreciation to your clients, it's actually doing the complete opposite. They will often feel that they are simply there to be sold to, and thus that client-stylist connection is broken. The best way to demonstrate your appreciation for them without making clients feel undervalued is by providing a rewards program. For example, if a client visits a number of times per month, you then reward that loyalty with a free pedicure or even some free product. If you're worried about having to spend money on a fancy phone app, don't be. Reward programs can be as simple as stamping a card for your client.

The Booking Process

Congratulations! You did a great job, and your walk-in client wants to book a second appointment with you. However, when you show them how to book, they seem frustrated and tell you that they'll just sign up later. Instantly, you just lost a walk-in client because of your booking process. Your client booking process is one of the leading reasons why people either continue to book or never come back to your salon. Some of the pain points you need to avoid can include a long sign-up process. Booking shouldn't consist of adding a ton of information such as emails, phone numbers, dates last visited, etc. It needs to be simple and to the point. If you do need that information, your best bet is to install autofill software into your website or mobile app. You should also offer call-ins to reserve spots. For some clients, sometimes calling can be the simplest manner to sign up for an appointment.

Your goal as a salon owner or stylist is to make sure that you are able to retain as many clients as possible. This can only be achieved by understanding the various pain points and concerns your clients will face during your initial contact with them. Thus, it is recommended to adhere to the tips listed above in order to make sure your walk-ins transform into loyal clients.