It’s safe to say that celebrities are major influencers, especially with the rise in social media. Because of websites like Instagram and Snapchat, you can see your favorite star’s favorite meals, what they like to wear, and of course, their hairstyles. Hair is a great form of expression for every culture, race, and social class. As someone looking to break into or expand their hair business, celebrities are a great place to find inspiration for potential client hairstyles.

Oftentimes, there are styles that may seem bold or eccentric for a normal person that can be considered chic and fashionable for a famous actress or singer. For instance, remember during the 70s when majority of black Americans wore afros? Diana Ross would wear iconic, free-flowing wigs that inspired a trend that is worn by women of color to this day. In fact, the wig industry has evolved and transformed the hair industry with the creation of lace front wigs. Her daughter, Tracee Ellis Ross, also rocks big, flowing locks to keep her mother’s legacy alive. Tracee Ross even has her own haircare products that help maintain hairstyles like hers.

Celebrity Hairstyles for Inspiration
Using Celebrities for Creativity and Inspiration

If you’re a hair artist that likes to create hairstyles that are “outside of the box”, don’t be discouraged. Many celebrities are known for outlandish hairdos. For example, remember when Lady Gaga came on the scene? She would wear incredibly unique hairstyles, like bows made of hair, or coke can rollers. These same hairstyles have been duplicated by fans for photo shoots and have trended online. Celebrities like Lady Gaga have always advocated for the people who express themselves outside of the cookie-cutter standard of beauty, opening the doors for hairstylists everywhere to emulate her unique hairstyles.

There are also celebrities that create the hair trend depending on which style they decide to wear for that season. Rihanna is a perfect example. When Rihanna went through her pixie phase, many women who may have previously been afraid to do a big chop jumped on the short cut bandwagon. There are numerous hairstylists who have had clients in their chair pull up pictures of Rihanna’s Rude Boy or video shoot for inspiration. Beyonce had a similar effect when she came out with Lemonade. Her long braids became a popular trend that adult women and young girls alike are still wearing.

Popular social media influencers also play a major role in hair trends. Remember when Kylie Jenner wore lime green extensions? YouTube hairstylists created tutorials on how to achieve a similar look. The same applies with influencers like Ariana Fletcher, who have created their own hair lines based on feedback they get from fans. Hairstylists looking to see what their potential clients are interested in can get a lot of ideas from large social media platforms.

The hair industry is always expanding. As a stylist looking to grow their reputation, following celebrity trends is paramount for understanding what your clients will enjoy. In fact, your ability to recreate trends will grow your clientele, especially as a beginner. Even if you specialize in a specific style, looking at celebrities with similar hairstyles will give you a foundation to build your creativity on. Celebrity hairstylists like Kim Kimble and a number of others have mastered this concept, allowing them to gain opportunities including their own television show. Study popular red carpet photos. See what’s trending on Instagram. You should even watch tutorials on YouTube for inspiration. The more effort you put into improving your craft and attracting clients, the more marketable you will become.