Every industry has its way of dealing with clients. When it comes to the hair industry, stylist and client relationships are very closely maintained.

It is a universal human trait to seek comfort –when life becomes too difficult, the pursuit of comfort begins. The more comfortable we feel, the better we behave and operate.

Thereby, naturally, when a stylist and client are comfortable with each other, the results are always stunning. When a client is not, it may be time to break-up with them.

If you're struggling with building and maintaining client relationships, take a step back. You need to evaluate everything from the beginning and then try again.

This blog will discuss a few key tips that will help your build and maintain the trust and relationship hairstylists and clients require to achieve optimum hair results.

1. Keep the Communication

When hairstylists and clients can understand each other with ease, they are more likely to achieve effective results.

As a hairstylist, you need to be more approachable so that the customers know they have your undivided attention. Create consistent communication channels such as phone numbers, emails, and consistent appointments. Be there when they need you to show them you're concerned about their hair at all times.

When customers know you care and are approachable, they will keep a long-term hair relationship with you.

2. Contribute Your Expert Opinion

Clients come in with a reference or an idea of what they want. They don't have the knowledge of its practicality or what the results will look like. You are the expert. You know what will work and what will not. You have to let them know everything and give them a run-through of the processes and products for everything you would be doing.

The more involved they feel, the more satisfaction will be garnered with the results of the treatment. When you listen to them and provide your input, the clients feel heard. More importantly, it makes them want to sustain the hair relationship with you.

3. Keep the Human Touch

Even when interacting with your clients initially through emails and calls, please don't fall into a robotic exchange. Make an effort to personalize the exchange and keep things casual. Build a connection with them from the start, so they feel connected with you from the beginning. Additionally, loyalty perks and reward programs may keep your clients coming back again and again.

As the expert, you need to make the client coming in feel comfortable even without knowing them. When they feel that personal connection, clients have fewer inhibitions allowing them to be comfortable when visiting you the first time.

After that, you can build a strong hair relationship that lasts for years and trends to come.

4. Be Open to Client Suggestions

Sometimes you, as an expert, will have a different opinion from the clients. Based on experience and even personal choices, it's normal, but you need to give your clients some space and be open to the ideas they bring to the table. It could be related to style, products, and even the time it takes for the hair to be styled or colored. You have to work something out in between that is feasible for both of you.

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Photo by David Geib