You can offer the best services in the market, but you will suffer losses if there are not enough clients.

It is important to implement robust hair stylist marketing ideas for you to ensure you get the recognition you deserve. Here's a brief, yet curated list of amazing marketing ideas for you to increase your clientele:

1. Gift Cards

Everyone loves a nice spa day for their hair, gift cards help you offer that

Everyone is looking for a unique gift for their loved ones. When you offer gift cards, you increase the number of clients visiting you along with the original client. The payment is upfront and in full.

Using a platform like will let you create gift cards and allow your clients to redeem them.

2. Referral Program

You get a new customer; your old customer receives a gift, everyone wins in the end.

Referral programs are your ticket to finding new customers. No matter how many bucks you pour in your marketing efforts, once your business starts to capitalize on Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM), you'll never find your waiting area empty!  Referrals are a great way to stimulate WOMM.

3. Frequent Visitor Program

Loyal customers deserve something extra than great services to ensure they don’t stray somewhere else.

Several coffee places offer stamp cards where you get a free coffee after several cups. Something of the sort can be introduced when brainstorming marketing ideas. The customers can get a certain service for free after a set number of visits for the same.

4. Occasion-Based Offers

Several milestones and occasions call for celebrations, have the party, and find loyal customers to invite back.

Everyone loves paying a little less for the same service they have been getting for a long time. When you offer occasional discounts on the favorite service combinations, more people want to try it out. You gain sales, giving new customers a taste of what they can get if they come back.

5. New Client Discount

New customers means newer business. Offer them discounts on their initial visits, and watch them stick with you for years to come.

Let new clients know about your existence, and give them the incentives to give you a chance. They come for the discount, and they come back for the services next time. Whether it is a new walk-in or the person who came along with the referral, give them something to look forward to.

6. Pre-Book Next Appointment

When a client already has an appointment, or it is easy for them to get one, they show up.

We all know how hard it can be for clients to get an appointment. This discourages many people from visiting a hair salon. Give them the next appointment before they leave or offer them an appointment portal for easy booking. Clients would be more inclined to get one and will show up more likely.


When thinking of hair stylist marketing ideas, always keep your existing customers in mind to sustain them and then grow from there.