It’s possible you provide the best hair style services in town. The challenge is that being great at your craft doesn’t automatically translate to making the most money. It’s hard to create revenue if no one knows you exist. The key part to boosting your hair stylist business is to become excellent at marketing. Here are the tips you need to help get your name out there and stand out.

Work to Get Listed in Important Online Directories

You might be surprised to learn that three out of four people look online to check out the best salons before actually stepping foot into your place of business. It’s vital for your business growth to have your salon listed in the local search results. Here are the directories you want to work to get listed in.

Yelp: Many millennials check Yelp before deciding on which salon to visit. Work hard to make your Yelp listing a positive one. Do everything you can to provide excellent service and encourage happy customers to provide positive Yelp reviews. If you have a higher star rating than competing salons, then you’ll see a rise in business.

Google My Business: Most people use Google to do their online searches. Get listed in Google My Business to increase your opportunities to be found in local search. Doing a good job with this listing will help you get found in one of those top listings where your salon name, address and phone number appear directly inside Google.

Facebook: This directory is important because many of your customers are on Facebook and doing searches. Being found on Facebook lends credibility to your business and will help increase foot traffic into your location.

Get and Manage Online Reviews

Manage Those Online Review Opportunities

Positive online reviews are incredibly effective at generating more salon business. Many people say they rate online reviews as credible as getting an offline recommendation from a friend or family member. That’s quite powerful if you can generate plenty of positive reviews for your salon!

Keep in mind that people want to see some sort of review. Having zero reviews or recommendations is probably looked upon as worse than having a mediocre review. Make it a part of your marketing process to ask clients to review your business. The more positive reviews you generate, the better your rankings will appear in your Yelp and Google listings.

Create Partnerships

Partnerships have the potential to bring in some of your best customers. The reason is they are generated via a recommendation from your partner. You should be making contact with new potential partners every month because this marketing technique is one that blossoms the more you add partners.

Don’t partner only with the most obvious businesses, such as nail shops or massage shops. Think outside the box here. You can form quality partner opportunities with businesses such as:

  • Dentists
  • Coffee shops
  • Gyms
  • Photographers

Use Promotions

Your customers are always looking for a deal. Keep finding reasons to promote something special to encourage both repeat customers and new customers to visit your salon. Here are some ideas:

  • Last minute special: Offer a last-minute customer a small discount. This will thrill them and make sure they come back again.
  • First-time visit special: Provide every new client with a special discount.
  • Monthly specials: Select one of your services each month to discount for the entire month. People looking for that service will come in and get to know you and your other services.

Use the above tips and watch how much more business your salon or hair style services benefits from this active management and marketing.