You create beautiful hairstyles.
Let us do the rest.

Hair To Chair is an app for independent hair stylists & barbers looking to grow their business. With Hair To Chair you get:

Your own professional hair stylist website to showcase clients (no tech expertise needed)
Online scheduling with automatic reminders to reduce no-shows
A way to manage clients and their past hairstyles wherever you go
30 day trial
no credit card required
Create and share your website in minutes

Showcase your portfolio & talents to new clients using your one click setup website.

End-to-end client tracking keeps you in total control

Manage client relationships by keeping appointment notes, images. Upload photos to either your private or public portfolio to keep track of past appointments and hairstyles.

Save time with online bookings and automatic reminders

Save time and reduce back and forth with clients by using our online booking software. Send friendly automatic reminders to reduce no-shows and stay organized.

Hair Stylist Tips To Market and Grow Your Business and Earn More Money

Jun 25, 2020

You started doing hair because you like it, you may even love it. The profession called you. You love the feeling that you get when you see happy clients. You know that you were able to give them a boost of confidence when it comes to their looks.

Jun 23, 2020

How you market and manage your hair styling business is significant in determining the future of the venture. When running a salon, these factors may influence a client’s perception and will determine whether or not they would agree to schedule an appointment.

Jun 19, 2020

Owning and advertising a small business seems to get more difficult every day. Creative and innovative solutions aren't just a nicety any more - they're a requirement for success. Here's some ideas on how to make your hair styling business stand out among the crowd.

Jun 18, 2020

Owning your own hair salon is a great way to give back to the community while also maintaining your own freedom and time flexibility. Whether you are launching your own hair salon or if you are searching for ways to attract new clients, it is important to establish a marketing plan

Jun 13, 2020

Owning a salon or providing independent hair stylist services today requires more than simply receiving business via word-of-mouth. Without an online presence and a working social media marketing plan, whilst maximizing your online reach, and gaining exposure, you will fall short

Jun 11, 2020

Whether you are a hair salon pro who has spent years behind the chair or are a newbie fresh out of beauty school, dealing with unruly, rude, or horrible clients is likely to be the hardest part of your job. There’s nothing you love more than building relationships …

Hair To Chair is an app exclusively for independent hair stylists & barbers to make managing their business (and life) easier.

Grow Your Online Presence
Clients searching online can easily find you based on your location and the services you offer.
Track Client History
Upload client photos to your private portfolio and keep track of important notes. See your entire relationship at the click of a button.
Showcase Your Talent
Use our intuitive, super-simple website builder to show off your work and tell clients what services you offer.
Stay in Control
You decide what’s private and public, and you have total control over appointment times.
Automate Client Booking
Save time using our automated booking tools. Clients can book you without taking you away from your work.
SMS Reminders
Clients receive reminders using their preferred method of communication. The result? Fewer no-shows.
Hair To Chair is a simple to use booking app, online portfolio and client book for hair stylists & barbers.
30 day trial, no credit card required